Friday, April 20, 2007

What's The Sound of One Hand Scamming?

It appears our whirlwind romance has -- as they always do -- come to an end. It was a fun ride, wasn't it guys? Maria ( was an inarticulate, unresponsive, but quite lovely woman. She has sadly fallen silent.

No more will we hear her hints at impending financial woes, no longer will we be assured we're 'the only one she's chatting with', and we are lesser men for it.

Fare well, Dear Amanda/Maria/Masha/Comic-Book-Guy! May the few dollars you've scammed from the more naive than we allow you to live to scam another day!

From the bottom of my heart -- perhaps even reaching into the upper part of my gall bladder,



Anonymous said...

nah. she is still at it. She cut her request down to $520 and has not sent a new pic in a while, but she is still trying. Guess this means she is not going to be on the flight today, and she even sent a copy of the ticket as proof. lol

Anonymous said...

I'm going to write her again to get some more emails. I wonder how long I can continue to get her to write, if I play. For all I know it is a big fat bastard that doesn't have anything else to do but scam people.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to how many are still getting the emails? Still going strong.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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