Thursday, February 22, 2007

So I have a Russian Girlfriend!

Well, ok. Not really. But I'm meant to think I do!

A pretty young woman named Amanda sent me a message on Yahoo Personals. Her profile said she lived quite near me. This is what she wrote:

Hello, Dave! Are you real? I'm interested in knowing you hope you're too. Can you send me your recent pic I'll be waiting. Here is my email

I was intrigued. Largely because she was hot. But also because she asked, "Are you real?" Wow, a compliment from a pretty girl! I'm set!

So I wrote back:

Hey Amanda,

Thanks for writing! [Gee, I didn't sound desperate or anything, do I?]

>> Are you real?

LOL! I hope this was meant as a compliment, 'cause I sure took it as one!

>> Can you send me your recent pic

I wish I could! The pic that's up on my profile is not too old, but it's not too good either. I don't have a digital camera or camera phone, so I'm a bit out of luck on the sending-you-a-pic score. I'm not wildly unattractive, not fat, not balding, no missing/extra limbs or anything like that. I think I'd qualify as average.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Take care,



It would be over a week before I heard from her again...

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Anonymous said...

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