Friday, April 6, 2007

"Hey Boyfriend, can you spare a dime?"

At long last, Maria/Masha/Amanda/Comic-Book-Guy ( has FINALLY hit someone up for cash! We all knew it was coming, but the anticipation was becoming too much to bear. Thank you, Dear Scammer, for providing that much-needed relief!

News broke in a comment from loyal reader and my close, personal friend "anonymous":

Hello honey!

How are you doing? I hope everything is going well for you. The weather here has become good at last.

My mother is feeling well and her doctor said that she is recovering pretty fast. I'm very glad that everything goes well for her. My aunt Vera is feeling good too. She lives in our apartment now and will take care of my mother in the nearest future since I'm leaving to NYC. I hope that friend Katerina will help my mother also.

Well, I tried to find more money yesterday, but it seems that I took off all money from my relatives and friends already. I also tried to formalize a loan to my aunt Vera, but since she is a pensioner and does not have appropriate income to get such loan I was refused again. I started to feel that the things will not work out for me, but I decided to go to my agency and ask them if I could get an advance ($5400) which I'll get in NYC here in Yarega. But I was disappointed again. I was told that I'll get my advance as soon as I'll sign the contract. When I'll sign the contract I'll get this money in cash or they could be deposited into my account which I'll have to open. I was absolutely upset Dave. I asked in the agency if I could get a loan but do not tell in the bank that I'm leaving to NYC. And I was told that when I'll pass the registration in the airport I'll be check out completely - they will check my documents, baggage and my credit history! And if I have a debt I'll not be allowed for boarding. They showed the simple example:

Let's imagine that somebody got a loan of $100000.00 dollars (or more) and fly away. In this case the bank has no possibility or law to return the money back. Dave, I have to confess - I made a mistake. I was asked before the operation: "who will pay the bill after the surgery". And I told them that I will. I have never expected that it will so expensive. I was told that it will be much cheaper. So I signed the paper where I'm figuring like a payer. What a fool I am! But what I have to do? What did you do if you will be on my place?

I suppose you will do the same Dave. I do not know how it is accepted there but here in Russia it is very common when the children help their parents especially if they are pensioners. Dave, please do not blame me too much; I know that I did stupid thing. I learned my lesson well. But I do not know what to do now. My agency said they can wait 3 weeks and then my work place could be occupied by another employer. I know it could look weird but it seems that you are my last hope. I know for sure that I will not earn $970 dollars in 3 weeks, it's impossible.. Dave, could you help me with money somehow? It will be not a gift! I want to borrow the money from you. I swear I'll repay the money back to you as soon as I come to NYC and get my advance. I believe I can send the money from NYC to you somehow, or I could repay the money when we'll meet. Please believe me Dave, I'm not going to deceive you! I have no reason to do so. My new life is waiting for me in America and I hope YOU are waiting for me too! Please let me now if you could help me. And if you could I'll give the information on how you could help me, ok. Please do not think that I push you to do it. If you can't I'll understand then. I know that many people in America live from check to check and maybe you have your own problems that need your attention. But I hope you will help me Dave. Maybe when we meet we will laugh at this together, but for now I really need a support. Well I have to close now. I'll try to find out something, maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems! I'll keep you informed!

I'll wait for your reply anxiously!

With Deep Affection for You!

Your Russian g/friend


Ya gotta love this: "Dave, could you help me with money somehow? It will be not a gift! I want to borrow the money from you. I swear I'll repay the money back to you as soon as I come to NYC and get my advance."

She's been SO honest up to this point, how can any of us resist helping this poor little elf?


Anonymous said...

I've gotten two emails since this request and still not a single request for money. Even today she said she had to postpone the trip but not to worry everything will be taken care of.

very interesting

Anonymous said...

Im up to that point in emails but have not gotten this latest. Im going to tell her yes and see if I can bust her

Anonymous said...

Ok she is hitting me up for "a loan" Also using the same letter word for word. I am in Claifornia.

There is also a posting about her on on

First name: Albina
Last name: Habibullina
Aka: Libi, Maria Icturova
Age: 28
Location(s): Istra (Russia), Moscow (Russia), Yarega (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, Moscow area, Istra, Pervomayskaya street
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):;
Operates on site(s): Match, Yahoo Personals

Scott said...

She still doesnt officially ask me for the money, but she is laying it on thick.>>>

Hello my sweetheart Scott!

How are you today? I hope you are well and the weather is good too! I'm well here but the weather
is gloomy here and it makes my spirit getting low. Well I went to my bank yesterday but without
success. I begged them to give me a loan but they refused me. They told me that since I'm leaving
to NYC they can't loan me. I asked them to formalize the loan onto my mother and I'll send them
money from the states within a week or two. But they refused me again. They said that since my
mother is a pensioner and she does not have an acceptable income to get such loan, so they have to
refuse me. I tried to explain them my situation, I told them about everything: I told them that I'll
get an advance as soon as I come to NYC and it will be $5400.00 dollars, I told them that I already
have a work place which is waiting for me and I'll be paid very well. I convinced them and one of
them called to the main manager and explained them my situation. The main manager said that in fact
it will be an illegal formalization. He said that they can loan me but if the security service of
the bank will know about it they will loose their work. Altogether they decided to not risk and refused
me again. I was really upset. I have a shortage of $970.00 US dollars and do not know what to do.
Actually I know one more place where I can loan the money but these people are very rude and cruel
and I do not want to ask them about the money. I think I'll go this evening to my friends and relatives
again, maybe I'll find more money. I'll write you about it tomorrow. I believe everything will be ok!
Scott, I went today to my agency and they give me my ticket! They reserved it for me and the date of
departure is April 18. I told them that I might not be able to set out by April 18 because I have to pay
for the mother's operation first. I was told that to postpone the flight will be no problem, but they
said that I must pay the bill before the trip necessarily. Otherwise I'll not be allowed to leave the
country. Do you understand what does it mean? It means that I have to find the money in 3 week or my
trip will be delayed till the indefinite time. That's no good. I went to the hospital and tried to put
together a plan on how I'll pay for the surgery. In the hospital I was told that they can put together
a plan for me but I have to stay in Russia, because they will not have any assurances that I'll pay
from the states. So you see my situation is not very well. But I do not despair! I know everything will
work out! I have to apologize for my letter today I didn't have to load you with my problems. I'm sure
you have yours own problems. It will be better if you will tell me what's new in your life, what did
you do lately. I'll wait for your letter with the great anticipation! Ok, I have to go now. I'll write
you tomorrow!
Till then Scott!
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend

Anonymous said...

Haha, I've been getting emails from her since early Feb. Got 25 in total. The funny part is, I only replied to the first 2 then stopped. The emails continued from her, she would say how she liked getting and reading my emails.

FWIW, I'm in Colorado. The reason I only reponded to 2 of them, is that the email headers are faked. The originating IP's are all US, none in Russia. I haven't got the asking for money email as of yet and suspect I won't as it's been a week since I last heard from her.

Anonymous said...

I got this same email this week I would love to share my photos of this little artist will email you the reel of them you guys already got the letters

Jeff said...

After reading all of your posts, I reported as junk mail. Perhaps that will help? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

this chick is good using the sick mom as an excuse her real name is albina habibulling somebody has to lure her in to make her thinks shes getting money she has to use her real name to get western union were all awaiting that next email

Anonymous said...

Any word on maria today no follow up on the request for money.the daliy emails seem to have slowed down.I ll continue to check in I must be off her mailing list..

Anonymous said...

I got the latest letter she good she wants the money sent to her bank agent how creative I have to post this latest one she even has a copy of a ticket

Anonymous said...

I got the latest chapter in marias life she needs 970 dollars mailed to her banker not her for taxes in russia are to much so he is handling the money her trusted banker friend.She is coming on the 20th guys be ready she might be coming to your town.she even posted her fake tix It says shes flying out of yarega but theres not even an airport suspisious

Anonymous said...

If you look at the ticket it does have SVO & JFK for the airports SVO is Moscow. The flight information is correct as well, there are flights leaving and arriving got Aeroflight.

I doubt after all this effort the scamster would make a mistake that obvious as the above person stated.

Next it will be a copy of her visa/passport I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I checked into this tix it seams legit I went to book a tix at aeroflot airlines and departure and arrival time are correct.If anyone needs a copy of the latest letter please email would be glad to send it to yuo maybe can post it I dont know how to do this. maria really needs are help.......markgood1@yahoo

Anonymous said...

she went from needing 970 to now only 950 wow we saved ourselves 20 dollars first it was for a doctor now its to the agency and her trusted banker.My friend works at google here in the town I live its headquarters we are going to suspend her account and find where IP address is coming from If he can

Anonymous said...

I had to let her down no money taxes are due this week she might not get to come now maybe some of you guys can start a maria fund

Anonymous said...

she using fake headers and a proxy server shes not using her computer from home some internet cafe or netwoking site the IP keeps changing this is fun I wish some other people luck with tracking her or him.

Anonymous said...

there is a place called geo bytes they can ip addresses to see where they come from at the bottem of the email it says get full headers click on that this is for yahoo accounts there will IP address go to this web site punch in the numbers mine all say japan as the source.kinda weird

Anonymous said...

Go to the bottom of your email and ask for full headers.

I did this then google it.

X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from unknown (HELO (sharnoddo@ with plain) by with SMTP; 5 Apr 2007 15:46:19 -0000

this is what it came up with.

Report on network owner: INKTOMI CORPORATION Y 4.9 3.9

I also did an IP look up and it said the originator is in the us.

looks like this may be some geek in the silicon vally getting his jollys

Anonymous said...

wrong IP...

(sharnoddo@ with plain)

that is the one to check...

but still none are from Russia and all from the states, most from the east coast. Doubt they are even using gmail to originate the emails, all the headers have been faked

Steven said...

Whats up huys it is amazing that she is trying to scam so many at one time, I just happend to type her name in under a search engine and this is what I get LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

She's been trying to get money off me too.
I told her to send me 10 nude videos and I might send her the money.

Anonymous said...

Anybody getting anything lately? I have not since the request for money.

Anonymous said...

Hi there ..... Did you stop and think that maybe it is someone from here who is playing you all and that maybe someone is using this girls picture?......(just a thought)

Anonymous said...

Well, it probably is not the gal but someone using her pics.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure google has banned the email addy and if whoever was using yahoo to try to get around google, yahoo probibly banned the person as well. kinda hard to get email's out when your account is locked and I bet they didn't have a hard copy of everyone's email addy. sucks to be them.

Anonymous said...

I'd lay odds that they used something other than gmail to send out the emails. Otherwise the headers would be different.

Anonymous said...

Shes still around I left her my number a told her to call she did left a message she needs help and wants to talk to me left no number to call back this scam is running out of steam.It was a women but doubt it was her.

Anonymous said...

OK Guy's Here it is

Hi my dear XXX!

How are you there today? I'm fine! The weather here is great! The sun
is shining
and there are no any clouds in the sky! It's 5 degrees above zero and
there is a
mild wind from the south. I like such weather very much! How is the
weather there?
I hope not bad!
Today I feel myself very good. Guess why? I talked to my mother's
doctor and he
said that the recovering goes well. It's very good news for us! I
talked to my mom this
morning and I found her in a good mood.
XXX, I want to ask you about if you could help me to overcome this
because you are the only one who can help me in this situation. I have
already asked my
relatives and friends about help, but they can't help me anymore. They
said that it will
take some time for them to come up with such amount of money. XXX, as I
wrote you
before I need $970.00 to pay the balance of the bill. I can get my
money from my agency
and pay the bill but it will mean to me that I'll not fly to America by
April 20. Yes,
I reserved a ticket on April 20. I even attached the a scan of the
ticket for you. So you
can see that I'm really coming. I paid $2000.00 dollars to the agency.
So $1050.00 dollars
were spent for the preparing of different documents like passport,
visa, certificate and
etc. And the $950.00 dollars is going to be a fee for the agency and I
can get this money
back. But I don't want to do it. It will mean to me that all of my
and hopes were for nothing. Please help me XXX. I don't think I have
somebody that I
can ask for help else. As I told you before as soon as I get to NYC
I'll get $5400.00
dollars in advance, so I would be able to repay your money to you
immediately! I know
that you might think that I want to deceive you, but it is not so XXX!
There is no
reason for me to do so. I trust you XXX - trust me. XXX, I don't feel
comfortable asking you about the money, but this is the only way for me
to rearrange the
problem. XXX, you see I'm very nervous right now and maybe I've made
mistakes in my letter,
but I hope you can excuse me for this. I have tried to find out if you
could help me and my
friends told me that you can send the money via the company which makes
this service. I asked
about it in the bank and I know now that reliable and fast company
exists which make remittances
all over the world and it's called Western Union. I remembered that I
saw advertising of this
company on TV. I've taken a directory book and found the address of it.
The western union branch is located in the city of Ukhta. It's not far
from me. You can see
it on the I sent to you. I went there and I've asked them about their
service. They said that
a sender must go to the western union branch, give them information:
They said that the branches of it must be everywhere all over the
world. I have found out
where is the Western union here (by the way, they have a website,
Only registered users can see links on this forum!
Registered or Login on forum!

There is no any branches of Western union here in Yarega, but we have
branch of
Western union in the big city named Ukhta, this is about 50 kilometers
from my town.
It'll not be a problem to move there. You can send the money using
western union according following data:

UKHTA , 169300

Sergey Kaminskiy is my bank agent. I want you to send the money to him
because he is an official,
and he can withdraw the money without any fees and taxes. In a case if
I'll withdraw the money by
myself I'll have to pay a tax. It is 38 percentage from the transferred
amount! It is a lot of money! So
it will be better for me to hire a banker to withdraw this money. I
hope you understand it.
As soon as the money will be transferred we will go together (my banker
and I) to the bank. We must
NUMBER (Money Transfer Control Number)
which will be given to you XXX! Please don't forget to send this
information to me, ok?
I want to let you know that I need this money ($970.00) before April
20. So if you can please
help me XXX.
XXX, I have never wanted to offend you somehow but as you can see my
situation is very serious
and I will never ask you about help if I had any other ways to make
this problem solve.
I'll wait for your reply anxiously.
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend

Anonymous said...

That was last weeks email. Now she has collected 1/2 of that so only needs about $500 and she'll be able to come.

A call? very interesting no caller id I take it.

Jeff said...

Ooo I love it. You guys are still getting letters from IT. I wrote IT many many letters telling IT to "go away" and it worked. I would love if we could bait IT out of the shadows with a check mailing address or meeting at a cafe? Given that IT says IT lives in Russia and will be smart to that. I will email IT again telling IT that I miss IT extremely much and want to re-establish contact.

Anonymous said...

Here is the letter that I sent:
Dear Beautiful Maria,
All of my friends keep receiving letters from you and I have not. I'm extremely jealous and need more of your attention. I have $1000 to cover the surgery and more to cover all your expenses if you want. Please call me and tell me you'll be here soon so we can be together forever. Your fiance, Jeff

Anthony said...

A new one has surfaced:

Hi my new friend (insert name here).
All apologies for delay. It was very pleasant for me to receive your answer.
I hope now we can begin our dating. Some days ago I have come to computer just
to find some information and was looking through the sites. And
my eyes fell down on your profile. It was some dating site.
It calls IwantU I am right.
I liked your information and I have seen and decided to
write you to learn more about you.
So if it is interesting for you,
I believe I should tell you now more about myself.
My name is Svetlana shortly Sveta.
But you can call me as you want it is the same name.
I'm 28 years old soon 29. I was born on December, 20, 1978.
I was born and I live now in Russia, in city Tomsk.
It is in about 3500 km to east from Moscow in Siberia region.
I have never was been outside of Russia but I have been in several
cities in my country. I have never had friends from other countries
therefore it is very intersting for me to have new friend from another
country. I'm blondie with grey eyes. Sometimes I color my hair.
My real hair color is brown.
My height 5 ' 7 ", weight about 61 kg (120 pounds). I live alone
in an apartment. My mom lives in my city also not far from me. I use the
program-translator therefore my apologies for bad English language. I
hope that you will understand me. I shall wait your following letter
and want to learn about you more in detail.
I sending a picture to you like I promised…
Hope you will like me, anyway I will wait for your
next letter soon.