Saturday, March 31, 2007

Equal Opportunity Scammer

Maria ( good-hearted soul that she is -- does not discriminate when it comes to scamming. As borne out in the many comments received so far, she's scamming guys all over the country. I've heard from folks in California, and there are comments from Ohio and Michigan and Texas. The only thing she's interested in, it seems, is gender and age; We're all apparently older than her, and we're all male.

Some of you have posted her emails to you in the comments, thank you for that. I'll leave those there rather than post them again here. I have one new email from her that a reader sent me, I'll post it at the bottom.

One person reported that he got in late on the scam, so she sent him a "starter" message similar to the one she initially sent me. The one she sent him read:

well......what can i say........right this moment......i feel ...a little know....;););)

can you remember me where did you get my email....and where we meet and stufs like that.......couse i have memory like gold fish espacialy when i am sleepy....;););)

bye bye

You know those sleepy goldfish -- renowned for their lack of memory!

I've also been sent several new pictures, which I've posted here. Still no idea where this is all going, she has yet to ask anyone for money! Surely she isn't doing this just for kicks? We shall see...

And here is the latest letter from her that I've seen, dated 3/31/2007. She again makes it sound like she will be coming to the states soon. And she hints heavily that she will be needing money, but still doesn't ask for any. It makes me wonder if the scam is to wait until you OFFER money, then accept it, hoping that this will get her out of any fraud charges. I don't think it would work legally, but I can see someone thinking this way.

Hello my friend Erik!

Can you believe it is already Friday again! How fast the time is running! How are you my friend? How is everything? I hope that all is well there! I didn't have a chance to write you yesterday. I got some problems that I had to resolve. Fortunately I resolved them already! So everything is fine here. I went to my mother to the hospital to see how she is and found her in a good mood and condition! I talked to her doctor and he said that everything is going well and my mother will be released by next week on Wednesday! It is so good! In fact to stay at the hospital is not cheap so it will be good if she will be able to continue her recovery at home.

My aunt Vera told me to not worry and to get ready for the trip. She will take care of my mother. My aunt is already retired and has enough time to help me and my mother. I'm so thankful to her! It is so important and gratefully to have folks who can help you when you got a problem. Do you agree with me Erik? Do you have such people near you? I hope you do!

Well, I hope to reserve a flight on April 6th. Then, as I was told, I'll spend two or three days in NYC where I'll sign the contract and some other papers. My agency will provide me with the place to live. And then I'll head to your area Erik. I still do not know if it will be your town or it will be a suburb of your town. I'll try to find out it for sure by Monday.

By the way! I found out that to get a driver license will be not very difficult there, is it right? I'm sure I'll have to buy a car. Can you advise me what kind of car I could/should buy there? What are the car's prices? Please let me know. What kind of car do you have Erik?

I also want to ask what airline I should choose to fly to the NYC. I see that I can choose Delta, American Airlines, Lufthansa and Aeroflot. Have you flight with these companies? It seems that the Aeroflot will be the cheapest option for me.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? As for me I do not still. I'll be waiting for a medical bill. They said that I might get it by Sunday. Can you imagine they send bills during weekend?! They definitely know how to spoil the mood.

Erik, I have no a picture for you today, but I think I'll find a new one for you during the weekend.

Well, I'll close here. I hope that I'll drop you a line by Sunday.

You are very special to me!

With Deep Affection for You!

Your Russian g/friend


Isn't that "g/friend" crap cute? Monster...


Anonymous said...

I received the same email today,I figured it out myself awhile ago and recently found your blog and thought I would add my story.The last several emails I have sent have been borderline obscene to say the least,I am trying to get her to send nude photos..a setup for when she asks for money,I will tell her I can sell them FOR MUCH money here if she sends them first. I will keep you updated as to progress...Macomb Township,Michigan

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to mention I already had sent her photos of BOTH of my Cadillacs and the inside of a mansion(not my house) and got reaction to any of it.I am waiting to see if SHE starts paying attention now as I will send her HUGE PHOTOS...LOL...expensive for her...LOL

Colorado Patriot said...

The plot thickens...

I just received this from our friend this morning.

Hello Marc!

How are you? I hope not bad! It's just a quick note for you Marc. We walked with my friend Katerina and decided to stop by in the internet cafe and to drop you a line! Everything is fine here! The weather is good but I have something that made my spirit low. I received a Dr's bill today and it did not make me happy. Looks like I'm in trouble. Fortunately I have friends and relatives who can help me. So do not worry Marc! The things will work out for us! Oh! The internet cafe is ready to close so I have to quit here. I'll write you tomorrow!
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend

So, perhaps the money bomb is about to be dropped.

Dave said...

Interesting, Marc! Sounds promising!

I just noticed I screwed up one of the images, so I fixed it. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I too received the latest and hasnt asked for money yet...BUT I told her after she gets here if she needs to raise extra cash to help out good ol mom ,my buddy that runs a porn website will buy her nude photos or videos.I told her how much I LOVE HER(sic)and that I wouldnt want her to do anything she didnt feel comfortable with.I believe the in the next email or 2 it may actually get personal....not such a form letter....we will see.... Macomb Township.....L8R

Anonymous said...

I think we are getting closer to the money request. In the latest she stated she has a shortage.

Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

$970.00 short to be exact. Could be that she is hoping someone will offer the money, since she has not asked for it outright as of yet.

I since a foul wind on the horizon...

Anonymous said...

I am really starting to worry. it has been over a week and I have not gotten any messages from her. She didn't even send me the picture of her in a bathing suit. They kind of look like sisters don't they.

Anonymous said...

I haven't sent her anything in three weeks but I am still getting messages. I agree with the others, she seems to be looking for volunteers to send her money.

Anonymous said...

I am very sad I have been booted from Maria's email list. What have I done to deserve this. I wrote her back everytime!!

Sunnyvale, California

Anonymous said...

This just in:
Hello Dave!

It's just a quick note for you Dave. I just want to let you know that my
mother was released today from the hospital! She is already at home. I helped
her to reach the house this morning. She is still weak but feels herself well.
I didn't check my mailbox yet. I'll check it later to see if you sent me a
message. Ok, I have to go. Till then Dave.
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend

Spalding!!! said...

Did anyone else get the email about how unfair is was that you weren’t responding to here emails because she really thought that there was a connection between you and her?

Chris in Seattle

Spalding!!! said...
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Unknown said...

Arnie, it is probably because she is moving to Milwaukee. There are at lease 4 of us from Milwaukee and we all seem to be in the IT field. Maybe she has picked Milwaukee as her final destination and has given up on Cali?? ...Unless you send her some money!

Anonymous said...

Here is the last E-mail I got from this scammer, where she finally goes for the money shot!

Hello honey!

How are you doing? I hope everything is going well for you. The weather here has become good at last.
My mother is feeling well and her doctor said that she is recovering pretty fast. I'm very glad that
everything goes well for her. My aunt Vera is feeling good too. She lives in our apartment now and will
take care of my mother in the nearest future since I'm leaving to NYC. I hope that friend Katerina will
help my mother also.
Well, I tried to find more money yesterday, but it seems that I took off all money from my relatives
and friends already. I also tried to formalize a loan to my aunt Vera, but since she is a pensioner and
does not have appropriate income to get such loan I was refused again. I started to feel that the things
will not work out for me, but I decided to go to my agency and ask them if I could get an advance ($5400)
which I'll get in NYC here in Yarega. But I was disappointed again. I was told that I'll get my advance
as soon as I'll sign the contract. When I'll sign the contract I'll get this money in cash or they could
be deposited into my account which I'll have to open. I was absolutely upset Dave. I asked in the agency
if I could get a loan but do not tell in the bank that I'm leaving to NYC. And I was told that when I'll
pass the registration in the airport I'll be check out completely - they will check my documents, baggage
and my credit history! And if I have a debt I'll not be allowed for boarding. They showed the simple example:
Let's imagine that somebody got a loan of $100000.00 dollars (or more) and fly away. In this case the bank
has no possibility or law to return the money back. Dave, I have to confess - I made a mistake. I was asked
before the operation: "who will pay the bill after the surgery". And I told them that I will. I have never
expected that it will so expensive. I was told that it will be much cheaper. So I signed the paper where I'm
figuring like a payer. What a fool I am! But what I have to do? What did you do if you will be on my place?
I suppose you will do the same Dave. I do not know how it is accepted there but here in Russia it is very
common when the children help their parents especially if they are pensioners. Dave, please do not blame
me too much; I know that I did stupid thing. I learned my lesson well. But I do not know what to do now. My
agency said they can wait 3 weeks and then my work place could be occupied by another employer. I know it
could look weird but it seems that you are my last hope. I know for sure that I will not earn $970 dollars in
3 weeks, it's impossible. Dave, could you help me with money somehow? It will be not a gift! I want to borrow
the money from you. I swear I'll repay the money back to you as soon as I come to NYC and get my advance. I
believe I can send the money from NYC to you somehow, or I could repay the money when we'll meet. Please believe
me Dave, I'm not going to deceive you! I have no reason to do so. My new life is waiting for me in America
and I hope YOU are waiting for me too! Please let me now if you could help me. And if you could I'll give the
information on how you could help me, ok. Please do not think that I push you to do it. If you can't I'll
understand then. I know that many people in America live from check to check and maybe you have your own problems
that need your attention. But I hope you will help me Dave. Maybe when we meet we will laugh at this together,
but for now I really need a support. Well I have to close now. I'll try to find out something, maybe the situation
is not as bad as it seems! I'll keep you informed!
I'll wait for your reply anxiously!
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend


Unknown said...

Hmm, I am offended! She didnt ask me to help! Maybe if you guys send her all of the money she needs, she will not want to be my "Russian g/friend" anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, and it only took 2 months to get there!

Anonymous said...

That is so not the email I got. She still has not asked for my help, just that she is working things out so she can come be with me. interesting

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't get that one either, I am curious how the guys who received the message actually asking for money replied to her other e-mails. I haven't replied to any of her emails in over 3 weeks, and got everything posted on this site except for this last message asking for help. I guess she finally wrote me off.

Anonymous said...

I to from california like arni got the lates letter asking for help I offered just to get the next chapter to post for you guys.She hasnt wrote back she must not really need the money.april 11th

Anonymous said...

I am Russian and our girl are the most beutiful(sorry for mistakes:))-I had been in many country and I know what I say. And you are all loosers-you want our girls and if Russian girl married on american, british, french, etc, their children will be not so beutiful. Do you understand me?
PS sorry for my English)...