Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Only a week to go!

I just can't seem to keep up with her. I may have to face the fact that she's more "into" this relationship than I am. Of course, she's expecting to get some cash out of the deal and I'm just having fun. So I can understand her being somewhat more motivated. Interestingly, it seems we are getting to the point of it all. She's a few times said that March 22nd is the date she'll be coming to the U.S., so it's reasonably going to be in the next week or so that she'll be asking for a little cash. We shall see!

Here is my most recent reply to her:
My Distant Darling,

I'm sad to report that I'm not feeling well at all. I'm actually sick; a cold or flu, I suppose. It's not surprising, given that I live in a cardboard box and eat out of garbage cans. But it's still unpleasant, for all that.

>> I've heard that piercing or tattoos are very popular in America. Is this a truth?

Yes, piercings and tattoos are very popular these days. You'll want to get the standard "L" tattoo on your forehead, of course. After that, perhaps you'll want to go with a pierced elbow, or even a pierced lung. They only show up on x-rays, but they are SO cool when they do. It's funny to watch the x-ray techs when they see it. Get one that looks like a melanoma, it'll keep the doctors on their toes.

I'm sorry that you have again gotten ahead of me on our communications. I'll try to do better in the future. Perhaps if you sent me some money, I could write more often? Just a thought.

Take care, enjoy your trip, I look forward to seeing you!

Your fraudulent friend,


And her two most recent emails:

Hello my faraway friend!

How are you there Dave? Are you feeling well? I hope that you are in good health! I start to feel better. I drank two big cups of tea yesterday and got a rest. It helped me much. Today the weather here is good, the sun is shining but we can get snow in the evening like we got yesterday. You maybe saw it in the picture I sent you yesterday.

Dave, I went today to my agency and I was told that I will be able to choose a location near you! It might be not your town but somewhere very close! As soon as all of my documents will be ready I'll reserve a flight. As I stated before I think it will be by March 22. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! I have never traveled so far before! I just don't know will wait for me there. My mom and my other relatives are also very nervous about my trip, but they are all trying to hold me on and to help me to get ready for the trip.

Dave, maybe you can give me some advises. What should I take with myself, how to behave. I do not bringing any personal stuff - just clothing. What should I take else? Please let me know your thoughts.

By the way, I want to ask you Dave. I've heard that piercing or tattoos are very popular in America. Is this a truth? A year ago I wanted to make a tattoo on my hip, but I didn't venture. But I still have one hobby. I maybe never told you before and it is because I have a very little time for it right now. I play guitar a little bit Dave! I have never played very well and it seems that I completely forgot how to play for now. I'll try to play something this evening. Maybe something will remember. But before I'll go home I want to go to the shop.

My friend Katerina told me that she saw a very beautiful dress. Also she said that the dress was blue as a sky! As I wrote you before it is my favourite colour. So I can remain standing, I have to take a look on it.

Dave, I wanted to call you, but it seems to be quite expensive to make a call to you. Since I have no a phone that will be able to receive an international calls I think that if I'll call you from NYC it will be ok. But anyway I'll try to find a cheap way to call you from Russia.

Dave, I have to say that I start to feel some kind of affection towards you.. Your letters brighten my days. Keep them coming!

It's time for me to quit. Till tomorrow Dave!


Your friend


P.S. I want to ask you to not send large size pics or video. Make them as much small I do my pics, ok? It could take much time to download them and it is quit expensive.. Please be sure to make them not larger then 50kb, ok? I hope you understand.

You gotta love her coming after me for the size of the files I've been sending her! Since I haven't sent her any at all, I suppose this is just a friendly reminder?

The other email:

Hello my friend Dave!

It is always wonderful to receive messages from you! How have you been? How was your weekend? Did you have anything fun? I hope that all is well with you and weather is good there! We have a quite warm weather here. The temperature is about 0C, and the sun is shining here. This weekend I have some time to rest. As you know I passed the test and it gave me some hard times. Fortunately it is over now and I can start to prepare for my trip. Too bad that I'll set out to NYC alone. In fact there is another girl here who set out for work but into Europe. She wants to work in Germany because she learned German language and can't speak English..

I want to ask you Dave: Is everybody there eating fast food? I watched TV lately and there was a programme about USA and Canada. It was a story about how people feed there. They said that the fast food is very popular there. Is it so? I must admit that fast food here is becoming popular too. I think it's not very healthy to eat such food. What do you think about it? Do you eat fast food? As for me I did taste the hamburgers and the others, it is tasty enough, but not healthy though. I prefer to eat salads, some sort of soups, porridges. I like to drink coffee, tea and juice. What kind of food do you prefer Dave?

I went today to my agency and repeat them my wish to work somewhere in your area. They told me that they will give me the answer tomorrow. So Dave, I think we should cross the fingers and wait till tomorrow. I really hope that the answer will be positive! Also I'm going to call you as soon as I come to NYC! I was told that I'll have an internet and phone access there! That's great! Oh! By the way, have I ever told you my last name? I can't remember it. In any case my full name is Maria Icturova. So you know now.

Well I have to go now. Actually I caught a cold during weekend and feel not good now. So I hate to quit here but I need to go to the bed and get a rest. I've attached a new picture for you! I've met with my friend Katerina in the street an hour ago and I've asked her to shoot me and she gladly agreed. So you have my recent pic Dave!


Your friend


Short and sweet for both of these letters. And we find out her full name: Maria Icturova

I can't wait to see what the money request is going to look like -- the suspense is killing me!


Anonymous said...

I got the exact e-mail. Just curious as to how it plays out! Will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

If you lighten the background on the black and white picture you will see an American flag hanging in a window of what looks like a store there is also a Lee jeans sign. Not sure what that means, but it is interesting. You wouldn't think there would be alot of American flags hanging around Russia. Soon she will be showing up ate our doorsteps and feeding us Borsch while playing her guitar with the broken string. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Great humor: Borsch and g-stringless?!

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. I have been getting the same e-mails from our mutual friend Maria.

Something didn't seem right, so I google'd sunlightlady and found your blog.

Great job and great info.

Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll, She is coming to Texas!!!! haha. ya I am getting the same emails, and yes the suspense is getting to me too. I am waiting for the amount she wants. I am further on the emails though. have yall got the ones where her mother is sick had cancer and she now owes 15200.00 and cant leave until it is paid. she still needs 970.00 but hasnt asked me for any. ive been waiting for it.

Erik said...

I got that email on Monday!
There four of us in Milwaukee, were going to share her!

Anonymous said...

Here and I thought I'd have her all to myself in Oregon... I told her I had a string for that Guitar! LMFAO

Jeff said...

Thank you for your internet postings! I have been talking to this woman for 2 months and I got suspicious early when she doesn't respond to my questions. She got my email address from my Yahoo personals ad when it was up forever ago. Today she told me she wants $950 to cover the rest of her trip that she can't pay for because her mother is a pensioner. I will email her tonight and tell her to stuff it.

Anonymous said...

First name: Albina
Last name: Habibullina
Aka: Libi, Maria Icturova
Age: 28
Location(s): Istra (Russia), Moscow (Russia), Yarega (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, Moscow area, Istra, Pervomayskaya street
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):;
Operates on site(s): Match, Yahoo Personals

Anonymous said...

Haha. I got the same thing and she did not even answer any of my questions. Her name is Mozgalina Yulya. Even after telling her not to call me by my full name, she has done so repeatedly.

Vaughan said...

I am the most recent victim of this scam artist; contacted me on wanting love & romance on the Net.When I warned her of the dangers she said her mother supported her!!To cut to the chase,as you Americans say,@ the end of the day,after many romantic letters of love,bullshit etc,she only needed 700 euros to get to me in South Africa!!!! Not once did she ever ask WHERE in Africa I lived!!??? Best Regards,Vaughan Wood(S.A.)

Vaughan said...

Hi, An UP-DATE for you all from 3/1/2010 on scam-artist Got another sob sorry letter today 4/1/2010 asking again for 700 euros to bring her sorry ass out to Africa for free!! I couldn't resist Dave's tactics so told her I was seriously ill as where we live in mud huts called Kia's, the rain periodically washes the mud off, so air conditioning throughout the year prevails indoors, with the occasional lion looking in for a meal once in a while!! Furthermore,our drinking water,which comes from the river, is highly polluted with faeces & urine from our black brother's up-stream, which has made me terribly sick!! Would she come and nurse me back to health & bring some money too!!!!!( not too much of an over-kill??)Best Regards Vaughan.

Vaughan said...

Hi,It's me again, the dude being scammed by Another letter today as being very upset @ me for not yet sending the $'s!! !!No mention about my poor living conditions in Africa or my health or anymore sexy pictures!!!My supply is being withheld!!?? Pretty normal scorned woman tactics, I'd say?? Till the next one.Regards, Vaughan.

Anonymous said...

I guess I can consider myself "VERY LUCKY" indeed. The reason is very simple I was once ask if I can help a very lovely looking young Russian lady out but I didn't. My gut told me there's a "RED FLAG" there & I never reply to that letter. To be honest with everyone on this board had I done that I would have been burned "BIG TIME" but it didn't happen that & I guess this lovely looking young lady must have seen that I wasn't going give her one dime. I just hope & pray that "NOBODY" falls for that scam.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey chaps (presumably these Russian hotties aren't gay :) ). I have been playing a similar game with a lady calling herself Elena. She has not given me her surname but I have finally (after 1 1/2 months) got her to ask for money. LOL, this is good fun :)
Mind you though, if she is for real I'm on to a winner :)