Friday, March 9, 2007

I just can't stay ahead of her!

Once again, the lovely Maria ( has managed to get ahead of me on correspondence. One wonders where she finds the time, with her testing and making arrangements to come visit me in my 'town or locality'. Since I've never revealed that to her, I'm sure it makes her task all the harder! And yet she takes the time to write these lengthy emails. What a trooper!

In response to her two most recent emails, I sent the following:

Dearest Maria,

I've again been lax in replying to you, haven't I? You passed your test and I sent nary a note, let alone the huge congratulations that you deserve!

It's good to hear you'll be making so much money when you get here. That's a relief, since I have been looking forward to hitting you up for loans, and outright gifts, and was concerned that perhaps you wouldn't be able to come through. Thankfully, that's been avoided.

I've been a little down today. I told you about the recent crushing and subsequent passing of my dog. I was ok with that -- yippy little bastard -- but the ground was very cold and it was hard to dig a hole to drop his corpse in. Ultimately, I broke my best shovel. I'm still pretty upset over it. Have you ever lost a cherished lawn implement?

Well, I'm sure you've got lots of things to do, what with your upcoming move to my town and all, so I'd better let you go. Have a good weekend! (Do they have weekend's in your country?)

Yours in fraud,


Her emails were:

Hello Dave!

How are you there? I hope that all is well with you and the weather is not bad also! I'm here feeling well and the weather is good enough! Well, yesterday I passed the test as you know and I celebrated it with my friends. We went to the caf? and drank some bear. Do not worry we didn't celebrate too much. We all know when we have to stop. But I still feel that my head is ailing. Upon the whole it was fun. I wish you were there with me. Ok, enough about..

This morning I went to my agency and I had a conversation there. I was told that as soon as I come to NYC a man from the agency in NYC will meet me in the airport (JFK). Then we will head to the office of the agency where I'll get to know the conditions of the contract, I will confirm the state and the town where I want to go for work and will sign the contract. I was told that the agency in NYC will provide with the apartment until all paperwork will be done. I think I'll stay at NYC for a couple of days. Also I'll get an advance to support myself for the time. They said it will be $5400.00 US dollars which I'll have to repay them in six months. As for the salary I'll be paid, they said it will be $56000.00 in the first year and $70000.00 in the second one. I'll sign the contract for two years, and if everything will be ok I'll try to get the citizenship.

Dave, can you tell me is my salary will be good for America?

Well, I'm sure that I'll have more detailed info later. I'll let you know about it for sure.

You know some of my friends convince me to choose Europe for work since I have an international license and can practice all over the world. They say that Europe is much closer to Russia and we could communicate easily. But I think that it's not a big deal. No matter where I'll work (live). Since all of us have an Internet access a communication becomes not a problem. Besides I think the Europe is not so perspective as America.

Dave, I caught myself on the thought that don't know an American music at all. I don't mean Britney Spears or something like that. I mean if you have a national style of music.. I've heard of country for example. Is there anything else? I'll glad if you will advise me something to listen to. Maybe you'll give me some names and I'll take a look. By the way, I want to ask you if you have any rollercoaster near you. I'd like to visit one someday. We have here something like that. We have an aqua park. It is where you can to swim and to have fun in any time of the year. It's quite expensive but affordable. I have been there some times. Do you have aqua parks there?

Well I have to quit here, because I want to go to the church today. I want to pray there and put a candle. Dave, I'm not sure if I'll be able to write you during weekend, but I'll try to drop you a line at least. I'll wait for your reply!


Your friend


P.S. I didn't attach pics today, but I'll try to find new pics for you during weekend. I'll be glad to see your new pics!


Hello Dave!

It's a quick note just to let you know that I passed the test! I got the 100 of correct answers! I am so happy you can't imagine! Throughout a week I'll have all of my documents ready and I'll be able to reserve a ticket to NYC! I'm so excited!

Tomorrow I'll find exactly if your town will be available to choose for work. I hate to keep this short, but I have to rest. It was a crazy hectic day for me.

I'll write to you tomorrow!


Your friend


What a strange scam! Rather than emphasizing her costs, she's bragging about how much money she'll have when she gets here. I'm expecting one of these "Can you lend me $500 for now, and I'll pay you $1000 in three months?" sort of deals. But only time will tell.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I received the exact same e-mails. Dave, do you think it's just someone screwing around, or do you think there is a bigger picture?

Dave said...

I think the "I need money" mails are going to start soon. THEN she'll probably start reading our replies, eh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is too good. I had a feeling I would finally find this chick's name somewhere. Been having a blast jacking with her myself. Not as artfully as you, sir, but with the same results. Emails are word for word, with the exception of my name. I'll keep checking to see how long she goes...

Anonymous said...

my friend is getting the exact same emails and pics. We did some research and the email where she reveals she is from russia appears almost word for word on, under the name Alexandra (Sasha)Ygnatiewa,(Komi Republic, Ukhta) check the feb 19 update on the black list, the pictures are of a different person though. The guy she was emailing had some pretty interesting replies. Thanks for the blog it's great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. Enjoyed reading your replies. She has not asked me for money yet!!

Pete said...

She is emailing me also. However, your messing with her is hilarious!!! Great stuff!!! I actually turn a couple of associates at work onto her. They haven't figured out this is a scam yet! Paybacks are hell!!! Keep up the blog....hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff! I too was contacted by Maria back in Feburary and I received the identical emails. I knew something wasn't right by the third email. She doesn't answer question and never refers to your area by name. This is F'in classic! Keep up the blog.

Anonymous said...

It took some prodding...but here it is...the cost of having Maria as your nanny is...?

Hello honey!
I correspond only with you Stuart! What are you talking about??
How are you doing? I hope everything is going well for you. The weather
here has become good at last.
My mother is feeling well and her doctor said that she is recovering
pretty fast. I'm very glad that
everything goes well for her. My aunt Vera is feeling good too. She
lives in our apartment now and will
take care of my mother in the nearest future since I'm leaving to NYC.
I hope that friend Katerina will
help my mother also.
Well, I tried to find more money yesterday, but it seems that I took
off all money from my relatives
and friends already. I also tried to formalize a loan to my aunt Vera,
but since she is a pensioner and
does not have appropriate income to get such loan I was refused again.
I started to feel that the things
will not work out for me, but I decided to go to my agency and ask them
if I could get an advance ($5400)
which I'll get in NYC here in Yarega. But I was disappointed again. I
was told that I'll get my advance
as soon as I'll sign the contract. When I'll sign the contract I'll get
this money in cash or they could
be deposited into my account which I'll have to open. I was absolutely
upset Stuart. I asked in the agency
if I could get a loan but do not tell in the bank that I'm leaving to
NYC. And I was told that when I'll
pass the registration in the airport I'll be check out completely -
they will check my documents, baggage
and my credit history! And if I have a debt I'll not be allowed for
boarding. They showed the simple example:
Let's imagine that somebody got a loan of $100000.00 dollars (or more)
and fly away. In this case the bank
has no possibility or law to return the money back. Stuart, I have to
confess - I made a mistake. I was asked
before the operation: "who will pay the bill after the surgery". And I
told them that I will. I have never
expected that it will so expensive. I was told that it will be much
cheaper. So I signed the paper where I'm
figuring like a payer. What a fool I am! But what I have to do? What
did you do if you will be on my place?
I suppose you will do the same Stuart. I do not know how it is accepted
there but here in Russia it is very
common when the children help their parents especially if they are
pensioners. Stuart, please do not blame
me too much; I know that I did stupid thing. I learned my lesson well.
But I do not know what to do now. My
agency said they can wait 3 weeks and then my work place could be
occupied by another employer. I know it
could look weird but it seems that you are my last hope. I know for
sure that I will not earn $970 dollars in
3 weeks, it's impossible. Stuart, could you help me with money somehow?
It will be not a gift! I want to borrow
the money from you. I swear I'll repay the money back to you as soon as
I come to NYC and get my advance. I
believe I can send the money from NYC to you somehow, or I could repay
the money when we'll meet. Please believe
me Stuart, I'm not going to deceive you! I have no reason to do so. My
new life is waiting for me in America
and I hope YOU are waiting for me too! Please let me now if you could
help me. And if you could I'll give the
information on how you could help me, ok. Please do not think that I
push you to do it. If you can't I'll
understand then. I know that many people in America live from check to
check and maybe you have your own problems
that need your attention. But I hope you will help me Stuart. Maybe
when we meet we will laugh at this together,
but for now I really need a support. Well I have to close now. I'll try
to find out something, maybe the situation
is not as bad as it seems! I'll keep you informed!
I'll wait for your reply anxiously!
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend

William or Bill said...

I have every email and every picture. I am still writing her she didn't get any money yet, but it was close.
You can email me at