Friday, March 2, 2007

Fast and Furious!

Maria's had some free time on her hands lately, more than me it would seem! She managed to get two emails and another picture off without me saying a word. You can imagine how bad I felt, ignoring her like that. So in response to her two emails, I sent the following:

Hi Maria,

You've managed to send me two emails and I have yet to respond. I'm so sorry for leaving you hanging like that. I can tell that you're carefully reading my every word -- I have to say I'm very impressed.

Your English is fine, you have no need to apologize. I was raised by wolves, so English is my second tongue as well. I still think in "wolf", so it's difficult at times to express myself in a non-growling language. There's just no good English equivalent for a long, low growl followed by a quick nip on the shoulder.

It's cold and wet today, and since I have no home, I'm also cold and wet. I'm drawing stares even now here at the public library. People are so judgemental! If I HAD clothes, I'd wear them! They complain, but do they offer me their pants?

I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten in days. It would probably be to my benefit to save my crack and liquor money for food, but what's the point of living without them? I'll manage. If you do come to visit me, please bring some food. And some pants.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With all respect,


Her two most recent emails are copied here below. I should mention again that though her emails are long and tiresome, they serve two purposes here in this blog:
  1. They show what an excellent scam she's pulling. If you read them, you'll see that she manages to seem to be just like me. Or you. Or anybody. She likes what you like, or so it seems. Very artful.
  2. She's sending this same text to many other people. Hopefully they will Google that text, find this blog, and realize they're being scammed.
Hello my friend!

How have you been there? I hope that all is well with you and this letter will find you in a good mood! How is the weather there? I hope not bad either! We have a cold weather here but it's a normal temperature for this period. Well I have to admit I'm a little bit worried Dave. I don't know if you received all my letters and if I got all of yours. Please look into your spam folder and maybe you'll find there letters from me or review my previous letters. So if I didn't answer some of your questions please feel free to ask me, ok? Are you receiving my letters daily? Or sometimes you receive nothing? Let me know it ok?
As for my friend Katerina, she saw her doctor lately and the doctor said that she is out of risk. I'm very glad that everything went well for her.
I've got a call today from my agency and they told me that I'll have the test which will confirm my skill in the anesthesiology by next week. You know I'm a little bit nervous. If I'll pass this test I'll have an international license in anesthesiology! I'll be able to practice all over the world!
Dave, I want to make things clear and let you know that as soon as I come to New York I'll sign the contract which will guarantee my employment for two years. Also I'll have the chance to make a choice the place (city) to work in. I will stay in New York for a couple of days and then I'll move out to the city I'll choose. In fact I want to stay in the New World and never come back to Russia. I'd like to get a citizenship in the future. Who knows how everything will turn out? As for the family I think it is also very important for me. If I ever will get married I'd like to continue my work, but I like to cook and clean the house in the free time. I want you to know that I have never used a translator programme to write letters to you. So you can see how good my English is. I write and talk English alike. Will my English be enough to talk easily in America?
Dave, you maybe feel yourself inconvenient for being older than me, but I want to say that I
always did well with the people generally older than me. So please do not worry about it. By the way, as you know my birthday will be by August 10 which makes me Leo. Leo is my astrological sign. What is yours? Do you actually believe in astrology? I'm a little bit interested in it. Are you?
Dave, I want to ask you if you ever crossed your country from ocean to the ocean. As for me I like to travel very much! In fact I have been in many places in Russia. Since I'm coming soon to America I've got a dream: to cross America form cost to cost on the car or even on the bike! I have never ridden a bike and really want to try it! You maybe think that I'm crazy, but if you would ask what I'd like to see in America mostly I'll say America itself! Please do not think that it's a crazy idea, I really like to get to know America from the inside.
Oh, almost forgot, I've just figured out that my phone cannot make an international calls. I can call to the phones if they installed in our town only.. I know it might sounds absurdly, but it is so. I'll try to figure out if I can call from the phone station. I think it will work. Also I've tried to install the Yahoo messenger onto my computer at work, but it does not work.. I'll go tomorrow to talk with the system administrator what was the problem. Hopefully he will help me to understand what went wrong.
And in the end I'd like to give you some Russian words:
Privet! means Hello!
Poka! means Bye!
Devushka means a girl
Droog means a friend.
Ok, I have to go now. I hope to see your reply soon and your thoughts on what I've written.
Yours friend

P.S. I did not attach a picture today, but I'll do it tomorrow. I'll prepare the most recent picture for you!

And finally...

Hello my friend Dave! I will be very glad if we could email often to each other, what do you think? I understand that writing email takes time but I'm sure it takes more time for me because my native language is russian and I'm sorry Dave if there are many mistakes in my english. I told you that I will have exam before my coming and I don't know which place to choose. Can you tell me your address Dave? If I will know your address I will ask about possibility for coming close to your location so I could work and live not far from you maybe in the same state or even city. What do you think about it? I hope you understand that I must come in New York city first because there is main office where I will choose the job place. I don't know the places in your country so I don't know where to live and work and I've asked about places where is the best income but they told me that there is no difference because salary is the same in different places it's the rule of contract for workers who come from other countries. I hope you understand. So how is your day? Are you interested in meeting me in real life or all this just for virtual chatting, exchange emails? What do you think about ability for my coming in your state, city? I hope you understand that it's serious question for me and if you will give your answer about it I will be very glad but please be honest Dave because I'm honest and I want to tell you again that I'm interested in knowing and meeting you Dave, I feel that you're good guy Dave, but I'm not sure what is your intent? I want you to know that I will come for working and living in any case and I don't know about how long time I will work and live before I get the citizenship and other things but I will not return back in russia if I will not want it because the government of other countries are interested in people who have good education and who could work for prosperity of country. So I want to live and work for a long time. There are many peculiarities I like in man, it's a self-sufficiency, loyalty, intelligence, mannerliness, generosity, honesty, solicitude. I like when the man is kind, cheerful, attentive. I love the life and health, I love children but I havn't any. I think that children are our future and I remember myself as child and I'm always like a child in my heart. Hope you're too! How's the weather today? Today is cold wind and I feel that the winter comes very soon maybe next week I will see the snow but I'm not sure. Today I have many deeds for my preparation for exam and coming but everything is good and I hope I will do it and I hope the result will be worthy also. I will wait for your email Dave and I will wait your answers to my questions.

P.S. I attached a pic that was taken last summer in the city of Saint-Petersburg. It is a very beautiful city! Have you ever been there? If not I advise you to make it there someday!

BTW, I was just kidding about being naked in the library. It was actually a cyber cafe. :-)


Anonymous said...

Damn she got me too. Same everything. Did she ask you for money or anything. Nothing from me, yet but who knows what is next. I think I'm gonna have some fun with this and just see what happens. I'll let you know how it goes.

Dave said...

She hasn't asked for money yet, but it's gotta be coming. Pretty slick scam, though, eh?

Anonymous said...

I got a message yesterday with a bunch of garbage in it and today she sent one telling me she passed her test. Oh yea she sent another pic yesterday, pretty hot. The message yesterday said a little about her expenses for her testing and the cost of the flight to NYC but not asking for anything yet. Still gonna try and have some fun with her though, but not quite sure what i'm going to do.

Anonymous said...

I know of at least 4 others that have been in touch with her in some way... there is a site that tracks scam artist... I've tried tracin her IP but it varies, mainly in the US

Anonymous said...

Ya she got me to. Word for word emails with just the name changed. I think we are all on the same wave think that she will be asking for money. I blocked her emails from now on.

Anonymous said...

Add another to the list. Word for Word emails. I was curious why she wasn't answering any questions I was asking. Guess it is time to have some fun. Is anyone else getting the email's from a gmail address? If so, I suggest reporting it to gmail. If enough report, they may cancel her email and see if anyone else who she has refered or who refered her is doing the same thing.

DrewP said...

That's funny that you're getting extra emails from her. I spammed her with 20,000+ emails from unique usernames so she probably had a hard time sorting through all the crap I sent her!

Anonymous said...

i want to thank you for publishing this blog. i am too a victim. i got connected with her via yahoo personals. She had a listing up for a very short time, and with a different pic.

How did she connect with you all?

Dave said...

She contacted me thru Yahoo Personals, too. Different pic, and her name was "Amanda".

fishgod said...

did she write you yet to tell you her mother was in the hospital and that her trip might be delayed. I have been writing to this person for the last few weeks and finally decided to do a google search on her. so glad i did thanks for your help

Anonymous said...

She contact me thru Yahoo Personal, her name was Kelly then! She has been sending the same letters to me also. She gets around.

Anonymous said...

This woman from yahoo persomals called Amanda e-mailed me but when I went to find out who she was her profile was deleted. I should have kmown than.It turned out to be Maria from Russia at She wrote the same letters to me as all the other guys. She did not ask for money so I do not now what she wants, anyone out there knows? anyway I am done with her.

Anonymous said...

ahahhahh - wow - this is just unreal, well not really, but I sure have been having fun with it. Interesting to see the verbatim messages in my inbox here. Plust the photos - ohh yea she or it looks good! Anyway I am going to see how far this goes, I have yet to get the request of any $$ or anything, but I know her mother has cancer (who doesn't) Anyway will see how far I can run with this. I have asked her for some photos of her town etc. etc. - she never answers anything I ask. Anyway such a scam - thank google for this and of course yahoo for the initial contact - my life has been in the dumps until I had a russian hottie email buddy...... details to follow.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, this scam is being conducted by MEN, not the girl in the picture!

Make sure you get pissed at the right people!

These scams usually originate from the Republic of Mari El, and are conducted by groups of men, using stolen pictures, or pictures of local girls paid a small sum to pose.

Anonymous said...

The latest of a few unsolicited emails from Maria. Beautiful pics. Original contact via Craigslist. This sounds like the same scam.

Hello Jesse! This is Maria. How was your day? I hope that good. We have nice
day in my city. It seems like a spring finally come in our town. I watched TV
about Valentine's Day yesterday. Do you have this holiday in your country? Oh, I
remember my last Valentine's Day. I spent it alone. As you know I have no
Anyway I hope one day I will meet right person and we will be together. This is
of my purposes of my life. I want to meet a man who will love me and I want to
my own family together with him. I think it will happen already in your country
I think I will have opportunity to move there. I will get a job there and will
there. My government will help me with it. I will go to the government agency
week and will figure out about process of preparing my documents. I think I will
it in the end of next week! I am nervous a little. I will pray that everything
be ok and I can get all necessary documents! Jesse, I am very glad that I found
a friend
(you) in your country. It's great to know that you have someone who you know in
country. I want to tell you a little more about me. My friends describe me like
a cheerful,
tender, romantic and careful person. I am optimist and very active person! I
like sport
and I am trying to make for healthy life style of myself. I like basketball,
skis, skates and swimming. These kinds of sport are my favorites. I go to the
3 times per week. Some of my friends do the same! One or two times per week I am
to get a cross country skiing with my friends. Also I like mountain skis. I know
water ski but I have never tried it. I think one day I will be able to do try
One time I jumped from plane with parachute. It was last summer. I liked it very
I got amazing feelings! Did you try it before? Some of my friends said I was
crazy but
I don't think so! I think I will try to jump again! I want to feel that feelings
Do you like get adrenaline? It's indescribable feelings. If you have ever felt
like this you know what I am talking about. Also during winter I go to icerink.
I am skating 3-4 times per month! I am a good skater! What about you Jesse? Can
tell me what do you like to do and what is your favorite kind of sport? At the
time I like to go to river or to lake to swim. I wan to tell you I like active
Do you know what do I mean? I like any kinds of outdoors like a picnics,
campings and more
other. I like the nature and feel better if I can be closer to it. I like to
feel fresh air,
clear water and other things. I like mountains and forest! Jesse I would like
you to tell
me about what you like too! Well, I will stop my letter here. I will go home.
See you later
Jesse! I will write you again soon! Please write me back too! I think of you
Sincerely your Maria.

P.S. I will send you picture of me in the next e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Jesse, it's Maria.

I am in internet club now. My work day already finished. I'm so tired
today! I just wanted to sent some of my pictures to you as I promised.
Well, I will finish my message here. I need to have some rest.

I hope to hear from you soon, Jesse!

Your friend Maria

2 Attached Images

Anonymous said...

So, should I see how this plays out? Tell me how you know it is a man in the USA. Do you suggest reporting it somewhere, and if so where? Is there a possibility that this young hottie is real?

Yeah, yeah I know if it seems to good to be true it is. Oh well, dreams of Nicole Kidman playing the Ruskie scam artist fake mail order bride with a conscience and a heart of silver if not gold seem to be better set aside.

Thanks for setting up this blog.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this is more likely to be Joe the scam artist than Maria the Russian innocent temptation, right?

Hi Jesse!
Today is cold day here. Temperature is about -2 degrees of Celsius. I think it's
about 32 degrees
of Fahrenheit. Am I right? But this is not most cold temperature we can have
here. In the end of
January we had temperature is about -25 degrees of Celsius. It's -13 degrees of
If I am not mistaken! I hope I am right. I could find formula how to convert
Celsius to Fahrenheit
and contrariwise.
How are you? How is the weather there? I hope better than here. I am fine but
feel little tired.
Today is the Monday and we have a lot of patients here after weekend. Now I have
lunch time so
I deсided to write to you because I am not sure if I could write to you today
later. I will
try to go to internet club to send you message but I am not sure.
Jesse, do you interesting to hear more about me? I want to tell you a little
more about place
where I am living in. As you already know I live in very small town named
Rudnichnyy. This town
is located in Sverdlovsk area. I think Sverdlovks town may be more familiar to
you, because it's
big industrial city of Ural region, but I am not sure. Do you know any cities of
my country except
for Moscow and St Peterburg? I think you know that Moscow is a capital of
Russia and we call
St Peterburg by the north capital of russia. But it's not official name. Let's
go forth, Ural
region is located almost in the middle of Russia. The close biggest cities are
and Perm'. The distance from Moscow to my town is about 2000 kilometers. The
population of our
town is small, no more than ten thousands of people. Now you know more details
of my town. I want
to ask you Jesse, do you like to live in big city or in small town or even maybe
in country?
Where is the best place for living in your country? As for me, I like small
cities or suburb
of big cities. But we have small salaries in small cities there. peoples makes a
lot money in
big cities like Moscow, but they told it's very hard to live there. Do you have
such tendencies
in your country?
Well, my lunch is almost done. I would like to write to you more, but I have to
return to my
work. I will try to install yahoo messenger or something like this on my work
computer. So
may be we could have a chat online.


Your friend Maria.

P.S. There are no pictures today, but I have found cd with my old pictures so I
will try
to send you a couple in evening, if you want.

Anonymous said...

Dave: or anyone else who would care to comment back to me...feel free-