Monday, March 5, 2007

Stirring some interest!

It's good to see this blog is having some effect! I see a comment from one person, and I see others on the 'net looking into this scammer. Good, good.

She ( wrote again today -- another middle-of-the-road, like-what-you-like sort of thing. Brilliant stuff, truly.

I replied:
My Maria,

I was so excited to get your message today, I thought I might just spit this warm brine all over the library's keyboard! Why, you ask, was I so excited? I WON THE LOTTERY!

Yes, it's true, I am now a millionaire! I can hardly believe it, all that money. I never would've thought I could win. Of course, I hadn't the money to play, but I traded another bum half of my half of a half-sandwich for what he assured me is a winning ticket. He would've cashed it himself, but he couldn't due to his having to appear in court on charges of exposing himself. As it was me that he exposed himself to, and I didn't so much care, I thought we could just drop the whole thing. But the police didn't see it that way.

So all I need to do is make my way to the lottery commission to claim my winnings. Trouble is, it's all the way across town and the bus costs 50 cents. Do you have 50 cents you could send me, so I can get the bus? I'd sure appreciate it. I'd just walk, but with one of my legs mostly devoured by gangrene, it would be an arduous if not impossible journey.

If you're coming soon anyway, perhaps you could just drive me over? The ticket is good for six months, so we have time.

I'm so happy! Oh Maria, I'm rich! I'm rich!

Look forward to hearing from you again!

Yours in dishonesty,


Her email from today follows:

Hello Dave!

How have you been there? I hope that all is well with you! I really hope that the weather there not bad as well. How was your weekend? Did you do something fun? As for me I didn't do anything fun. As I wrote you before I'll have a test by this week, which will be on Thursday. So I was sitting at home and trying to study. You know it is very difficult for me in my age to study, but I did it. I'll continue to prepare for the test during this week, so if you'll didn't get a letter from me - do not worry. It means that I'm studying and didn't forget about you Dave. I hope you will wish me luck on my test.

I see that all your letters have come finally. Today I can say with the assurance that I did get all your letters. I'm always glad to see your answers to my questions Dave. Thanks for the answers. I hope that my answers will not disappoint you as well.

I want you to know that I went today to my agency ("Moscow Recruitment Agency" is the name of my agency. They have a branch here in Yarega) and asked them if they can find a work for me in your town or even though in your area. They said that they are not sure for now but it seems to be possible! I was very happy to hear that. It will be a great thing for me to have a familiar in foreign country that can help me to settle down. I'll appreciate if you will tell me about the life in your country, about yours traditions and customs. I do not want to look like a stranger there.

I didn't remember if I told it but I think you might wonder how tall I am and what is my weight. So here it is: My height is 168 centimetres it's about 5'6' and my weight is 55 kilograms it's about 121 pounds. As you know I like sport very much, especially tennis. But I also like hiking and camping. Sometimes I go with my friends to raft on a canoe. Did you try it? Very fun! You know I have friend who persuades me to jump out of an airplane! I'm not ready for this right now, but maybe someday soon I'll venture. Please do not think that I spend all my time for sport. I like to go to the cinema, to the theatre, arts. I like to listen to the music (very different) and to read books. I like many things in different periods of my life as the other people I suppose.

You might guess that Yarega is a very cold town, and I hope to settle down in the warmer place. It doesn't matter if it will dry or rainy place. First of all there must be warmer! In fact I have a dream to save enough money to buy a house near the ocean. I don't think it will happen in the near future, but maybe when I got old I'll be able to afford it. Do you have any dreams like that Dave? Where would you like to live you'd have a chance to choose?

Do you know why I'm sunlightlady? My friends call me so. They know how I like the hot summer sun!

Ok, I do not want to quit here but I have to. It seems that if I have more time I'll write a whole book! Just kidding! I'll write you real soon! I'll prepare a new picture for you and maybe some Russians words!


Your friend


A friend of mine wonders if she's scanning incoming mails for keywords, suggesting offers of help, money, that sort of thing. Hopefully "rich" and "millionaire" will be on her list!


Anonymous said...

Here is her name at least what she told me it was. She is to be in NY next week. Maria Icturova

fishgod said...

you want to know more about her? Well her fathers name is andrey who died 3 years ago. her mothers name is svetlana who is 58 yrs. oldshe lives in yarega in the komi region. she sent me a map. the agentcy she is working through to get to the states is moscow recruitment agentcy. oh yea she is going to be an anesthigologist (spelt wrong but you get the picture)
evrything sounded to good so decided to do google search and found your site. i thank you so much for posting this i just might have kept writing her.

Anonymous said...

Likewise--Dave, great work!

Anonymous said...

Her Mom is healthy - thank god - now she can get to NYC very soon. This from today:

Hello my friend Dave!

How are you? I hope not bad! It's just a quick note for you. I spent all day in the
hospital and prayed God to help my mother. The surgery has been lasted for 4 hours
and it ended well! Indeed, it's good news! I didn't see my mother but her doctor said
that she is ok but she is reduced in strength. He said that she will get well fast!
I was so nervous before the surgery and now I'm so happy that everything ended well.
Dave, I feel myself tired and exhausted I need to go to the bed. I'm terrible sorry
if I didn't answer to your questions today, but I promise I'll answer them tomorrow
for sure. I hope you understand my condition today. Well I'll quit here Dave. I'll
write you tomorrow and will let you know the approximate date of my coming!
Till tomorrow Dave!
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian friend

Unknown said...

She is email me too. The very same letters.

It must be scam. And I thought I was the only one. :-(

Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one!!!!
:-( Thank for creating this page. I'm sure it saved a lot of people a lot of heart ache and money.

Anonymous said...

Been a week since I heard from her . guess she lost interest after I told her I would find her an apartment for her to live in.

Unknown said...

I would like to forward the next email in this saga for you as she is still sending them to me.....

Anonymous said...

I would like an email address to forward the latest email I have received seeing how she is going to prove to me that she isnt a scam...LOL

Dave said...

You can send any emails and pictures you receive from her to I'm compiling what I've been sent so far and will be posting it today.

Anonymous said...

Well when she started emailing me she was a physical therapist From Krasnodar She was an only child and had omly an aunt and cousin.she hasnt asked for any money either but i have suspected she would from the beginingdid any of you happen to get nudes i would love to see them she is hot