Sunday, March 25, 2007

Living vicariously through you

Yes, it seems that Maria has dumped me. However, through the kindness of strangers, I am still able to enjoy her words. Thank you, all of you, for dropping by and leaving her latest emails in the comments section. I will repost them here, in case someone is RSS'ing the blog and not catching the comments. It seems that several folks have gotten wise to her only after seeing her emails here, so the more the merrier.

Likewise, I will post any photos of her that you happen to get sent. Just email them to me at and I'll get them posted forthwith.

Here are three emails from that users have posted:

Hello my friend Scott!

How have you been? I hope you are well! I know I promised to write you yesterday but I was not able. I went to my mother to see how she is feeling and I spent the whole evening with her. I hope this not bothers you. I talked to her doctor and he said that the original diagnosis is confirmed. Indeed my mother has a first stage of breast cancer and will need a medical operation. Her doctor said that it is very good that the cancer was detected so early. It gives us a hope that everything will be good.

I was told that the operation will be by Monday. My mother will be prepared for the operation. She will pass the special course, which means a lot of different vitamins and other preparations. I'm trying to hold on and not to be very nervous, because the doctor said this operation is not very intricate. I hope so. As an anesthetist I wanted to perform an anesthesia myself, but I was refused, because I'm a relative. Fortunately we have enough good specialists here to perform an anesthesia. So I believe everything will be ok. I was told also that if everything will be ok with my mother after the surgery she will be released from the hospital in 5 days. As soon as she will be released I'll reserve a ticket to NYC! I do believe we'll have a good luck!

Well, I looked into the prices to rent an apartment and I think I'll rent one. I think it will be quite affordable for me. Scott, I really want to date with you when I come. I think we should get to know each other exclusively! I want to believe that we could be more than friends. Tell me, do you want it too? I hope you do. Maybe within some months (weeks!) we'll live under the same roof. Who knows! Only time will tell. Maybe one day we could dance a waltz together! Do you know how to dance waltz? You definitely have to know it! It is very easy. I like to dance very much. I even studied how to dance when I was a young girl. It was so long ago that I forgot everything I studied but waltz! I studied rumba, cha-cha-cha and others Latinos dances. Waltz I'll remember forever. So get ready for the dance Scott!

Well the weather here is frowning behind the window. It seems that the rain with the snow will come soon. It means that it would be better for me run to home. Actually we don't have many rains here, but the snowfall is a very frequent fact.

Well it's time for me to quit here. I'm not sure if I'll write you during the weekend but I'll try it for sure. Maybe I'll find new picture for you, who know! Anyway, I wish you to have a great weekend Scott!

With great affection!

Your Russian friend



Hello my friend [insert your name here]!

How are you there? How is the weather? I hope that all is well there! I'm fine and the weather here is great! A real spring has come here! Streams are everywhere! Birds are signing and even the faces are smiling frequently! As far as weather everything is well here. Unfortunately I have no very good news about my mother. She is feeling better now, but the doctor still didn't find out what happened to her. He said that it is very similar to breast cancer. He told me that he will take one more medical test to make sure that it is a cancer. He said that it is very important to identify the cancer on the early stage. So tomorrow we'll know for sure what that is. My mother is an aged woman, she is already 58 years old, and that is why she needs a good care. She is now in the hospital where I am working. So I'll do my best to take care of her.

I went yesterday to my agency and told them again that I need some time to take care of my mother.. They said that it will be no problem, but I have to resolve all my problems in 3 weeks. After this period they can't promise me anything. They can find someone other to send for work in America and my place can be occupied. I think that I'll have enough time to resolve everything! So I have my flight postponed.

Tomorrow we'll figure out what happened to my mother and I'll know how much time I'll need and reserve a flight. I'll let you know the date of my departure for sure, do not worry! After the couple of days that I have to spend in NYC I'll set out to your town. I wonder what the best way to reach your town is. Flying? Driving? Bus? Train? Please let me know. I've just understood that I've never given you my address!

I do not think it will be very useful, but in any case, just so you know:
Country: Russia
Region: Komi region
Town: Yarega
Pushkina street building # 12 apt. # 5

I'll be glad if you sent me yours address so I'll know for sure, and will tell it in the agency!

As you know I have two surgeries yesterday and it was not easy. I performed an anesthesia. Fortunately all went well, as usual. But I was pretty tired. I spent all day in a tension. Today I have some time to rest. That's great!

I heard that blond ladies are popular in America. Is it right? I heard that some ladies even colour their hair to look like a blond! I'm in fact naturally blond and never colour my hair. Oh! Did I ever tell what my favourite flowers are? They are asters, peony and roses of course! Maybe, one day, you could present me a flower!

Well it's time for me to quit. I'll write you tomorrow.

With great affection!

Your Russian friend


P.S. I've attached a new picture for you! This picture was edited at the photo studio. I made it for you specially! I hope you'll like it!

Hopefully I'll get a copy of that picture to add to the blog. Lastly...

Hello Erik!

How are you? I hope you are well. I'm fine too. It's just a quick note for you Erik. I want to let you know that I can't write much today. I stayed for a duty today at the hospital. Actually it's not my responsibility to stay at the hospital for the night, but the doctor on duty can't work today.

Something happened with him so I replace him tonight. I didn't see if you sent me a message or not, but I'll check my mailbox tomorrow morning. Please keep writing to me even if I didn't write, ok. Well, I have to go. Till then Erik.


Your Russian friend


You wanna bet that "Maria" is actually a fat, bald guy living in his parent's basement, using the scam to fund his quest to own every issue of "The Hulk" comic book? I think it's likely...


Scott said...

Hello my friend Scott!

How are you Scott? How was your weekend? I hope all is well there! I bet you have the weather which is
much better than here. We've got some gloomy days, fortunately weather forecasters said that we will get
the sunny days soon! I want to believe in it.
Well, my weekend was not very fun but I spent a lot of time with my mother though. I visited her by Saturday
and Sunday. She feels well now, she has a very good care here and looks like she already ready for the surgery.
Her doctor said that operation will be by Tuesday, I'll take time off work tomorrow. Maybe something will be
needed from me. My aunt will come after tomorrow to help me to take care of my mother. My mother and my aunt
are sisters as you guess. As for me I have no siblings, but I have some cousins. My aunt, her name is Vera,
agreed to help me to watching my mother when I leave to come to NYC. But I hope my mother will get well soon.
Since I spent a lot of time with my mother this weekend we had time for the long conversation. We talked about
my trip and about you Scott. My mother said that I have to be very careful in a foreign land. She also said
that I have to be careful with you Scott, but I said that you look like a very good man and I even want to
try to have a serious relationship with him. "Anyway", said my mother - "You have to be careful, because you
are a woman. There are lots of cruel men everywhere." I told her that I'll be careful. I told her more about
you and she calmed down at last and asked me to say "Hi" to you! Did I ever tell you that my mother is a chess
fan? We played chess at the hospital but I didn't win once. In fact I play chess very bad, but I think I could
learn pretty fast. Do you play chess well?
Scott, I want to ask you if you celebrate Eastern there. We will have it by Sunday. It is a big holiday here.
Everybody colour the eggs and then present them to each other and exchange a triple kiss. Do you have there
something like this? I don't think that I'll come on Eastern to NYC but I think I make to NYC real soon. I have
all documents ready including visa, passport and etc. I just need to wait till I know for sure that my mother
is out of risk. I hope you understand my worries Scott.
I think often could it be the destiny that I met you Scott. Indeed, everything happens for a reason and I want
to believe that it can be a start for something serious. I caught myself on a thought that I miss your letters
when I have no access to the internet. I know this looks crazy, and I think such feelings can't grow from the
letters, but I'm where I am. I feel that I can't express myself exactly because English is not my native language.
But I'm trying. I hope you can understand what I want to say Scott.
Looks like I found a cheap way to call you! I'll find out it for sure and maybe will call by this week! I hope
this will work out!
Well, it's time to go for me. I'll write you tomorrow Scott.
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian friend

P.S. I attached a new pic for you! It was taken in our town museum pertaining to a study of local area. I hope you
like it.

Scott said...

How do I post pictures?

Anonymous said...

I have not heard from her in 5 days wonder if mom took a turn for the worse. just sent her a note to see if everything was alright. will wait to see if she replies.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the mother made it through! Whew! lmao

Hello my friend!

How are you? I hope not bad! It's just a quick note for you. I spent all day in
hospital and prayed God to help my mother. The surgery has been lasted for 4
and it ended well! Indeed, it's good news! I didn't see my mother but her doctor
that she is ok but she is reduced in strength. He said that she will get well
I was so nervous before the surgery and now I'm so happy that everything ended
I feel myself tired and exhausted I need to go to the bed. I'm terrible
if I didn't answer to your questions today, but I promise I'll answer them
for sure. I hope you understand my condition today. Well I'll quit here.
write you tomorrow and will let you know the approximate date of my coming!
Till tomorrow!
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian friend

JesusCopperfield said...

Fresh off the presses:

Hello my friend !

How are you there my friend? How are your folks and friends? I hope that
everything is well there!
I'm just fine. The weather here is going to get better. And it fills me with the
energy and hope.
I visited my mother in the hospital this morning and found her in a good
condition and mood. I talked
with her for a few time and then I had a conversation with her doctor. He said
that she is feeling
well and her condition is stable. He also said that if everything will be ok she
will be released
from the hospital within a week! I was very glad to hear such good news. Since
my aunt Vera is already
here she will help me to take care of my mother now and then when I'll leave to
come to NYC. I think
I'll reserve a flight on April 6 previously. I think that my mother will be
released by this day
already and my aunt Vera will take care of her. My mother's doctor said that the
hospital will bill
us tomorrow. He said that her medical insurance does not cover her surgery.
That's no good, but I think
I'll be able to afford it. I'm sure that I have to help to pay my mother's bill
since she is a pensioner.
As you know pensioners here are very poor people and my mother afford it
, every time when I see your message in my mailbox I can't stop smiling.
You brighten my days,
! I never told you that I find you attractive, but it is so! I'm aware
that you are older than
me but I think it's rather good than bad. I have always liked men who older than
me. I believe that a
woman should be younger than her man. Do you agree with me? , I want to
ask you to do not judge
me too strictly if I didn't answer some of your questions, it was a very hectic,
nervous week and I
could miss something. I hope you understand.
By the way my friend Katerina told me to say Hi to you! I saw her lately and
told her about you. I must
admit she was pretty surprised that we grow into such feelings towards each
other. She said that maybe
someday she will follow me in finding the place for work. Who knows, but she has
to learn English first
of all, she speaks very badly.
, I've prepared a new picture for you! It was taken a year ago in Turkey.
Have you ever been to
Turkey? Turkey is the only place I have been abroad. It's quite affordable place
to rest. You can see
me and my friend Katerina on the picture. Katerina is behind me in the
I hope you like this pic. Well I have to go. Till tomorrow !
With Deep Affection for You!
Your Russian g/friend

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if maria is talking to guy's all over the US, the World,or what part of the country. I am in the metro Detroit area. Anyone else want to say where they are?

Anonymous said...

I am from Milwaukee, WI

Anonymous said...

Austin, Texas

Scott said...

Milwaukee, WI

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Columbus, OH

I was also wondering if there is a particular occupation she was targeting - I am in IT/Computers.

Anonymous said...

I am in IT also, plus I was wondering if there was age that she is going after. I am almost 50

Anonymous said...

Two People from Milwaukee, interesting!

Anonymous said...

Make it 3 from Milwaukee

Anonymous said...

Make it 4 from Milwaukee

Scott said...

IT for me too!

Erik said...

Four people from Milwauke, we will have to share her when she comes to town, I get her on the week ends, I called first. I am also working in the IT field and I am 49

Anonymous said...

Another one here in california, 49 years old and in I/T. Wow she is going to make the rounds whe she gets here, Hope she cums west first. I don't want sloppy seconds

Anonymous said...

I'm in California and I just emailed her to say that I love her and will send the money right away. Will that be the end of her begging? I hope not. It's been so entertaining so far! Labeling her mail as junk was only teeny fun. The other 100 men can have at her first, I don't want to see anything left. ;)

Anonymous said...

I work in Computers also.

Anonymous said...

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